Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you're going faux....

If you're going to go faux, faux all the way. This is my philosophy on "silk" or "faux" flower arrangements. Like the Christmas wreath I put together for the front door:

Because nothing screams Mother Earth like green rhinestones and glitter.
There's something so "dentist office" about fake flower arrangements that are trying to mimic nature. And while there's a lot of high quality silk flowers made out there, they still never really fool anyone. So I'd rather just go completely over the top with the flowers that never existed in nature, like green velvet leaved poinsettia flowers. Granted, it looks like a Be Dazzler threw up on the whole thing, but isn't that sort of the point of Christmas anyway? If it doesn't light up, throw a strand of bulbs on it. If it doesn't sparkle, throw on some glitter. The grape vine wreath is (ta-DAH!) actually natural, which I guess kinda violates my "faux all the way," but you get the idea, and the twiggy brown-ness grounds all the glitz.

This was thrown together with discounted items from Hobby Lobby in five minutes. This is single working mom Christmas decorating and (repeat after me until you believe it) I am not ashamed. Merry Christmas!

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