Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mid-century Merry Christmas!

Post WWII was a giddy, giddy time for America. Christmas must have been especially so. The war was over, the boys were home, and times were prosperous. We'd discovered a new materialism that seems now so quirky, fun, and innocent. Print production entered the modern world as we now recognize it and there was a burst of magazine publishing and advertising featuring the lives people wanted to lead: futuristic, elegant, comfortable, and clean. Here's a cookbook cover that features a gelatin mold with a brandy flame and maraschino cherries. I have no words:

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I love the colors and designs from this time period, and they fit my little house so well. I've put together a board on Pinterest of a few of my favorite things. Enjoy your Mid-century Merry Christmas!

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