Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Adventures in Vintage Wallpaper

After writing last night about my angst with damaged vintage wallpaper, this morning I was wandering around the blogosphere and found another recent post by another blogger, Sara over at No Pattern Required. Seems Sara and her Ma were about to take on a bathroom painting project in what Sara calls a "1950s time capsule condo." What they found, and peeled away, was a little mini excavation site of wallpaper layers behind the bathroom mirror. First, I'd like to ask them to come on over and paint a few of my bathrooms. Those rooms are stinkers to paint, and they always end up taking longer even than usual because I get irritable, stop for a cocktail break, and then spent half my time scowling at some miniscule one-inch strip of wall between the vanity mirror and a cupboard instead of getting down to business. Anyhoo. These gals had already decided they were painting the bathroom, and the wallpaper excavation wasn't about agonizing over whether to save any of it (and honestly, it doesn't look like they could have, anyway), but only the fun of seeing what was under there. They found pink stripes, a cheerful yellow floral, and mod daisies. A little history tour of the bathroom, without the guilt I had with my bedrooms. I love it! You can find the blog post here. And here's a photo:

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