Thursday, January 19, 2012

Half Done and Half Mad

Seriously. Just shoot me.

How long did it take to finish the Great Wall of China? Thousands of years. Multiple dynasties.

That's how long it's taking me to paint one freakin' room. Honestly. I could scream.

Have there been problems? Not really. I just need time. But then:

I need a paycheck so I go to work, and the kids want clean socks and Mr. Man Friend wants to snuggle (and I want to snuggle too) and we're out of milk and the garbage needs taking out and the furnace guy's coming in half an hour and damn I forgot to pay that bill. That's what happens.

Last weekend I started with a goal of finishing a half done bedroom, and I got half done with the half done. I ran clean out of time. So I cleaned my roller out on the wall until it could go no more, put it down, and walked away. Still half done, and I'm gone half mad about it (British definition: crazy, gone 'round the bend mad).

That's what it looks like, up above in the photo. That's Valspar Sterling Silver Gray on the walls, by the way. It looks a little bluish on the computer monitor, even with some color correction of the shot. It's the bedroom for the oldest son, Grant. Color scheme, grays, black, and orange.

Things are coming. I'm making progress. That's what I tell myself. But the situation is beginning to tick me off.

Please stand by for a) a complete wall (which the Chinese Dynasties never really did, really, b) a happier homeowner, and c) a blogger with something to say/show.

Now, where did I leave that roller?

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