Friday, March 30, 2012

Highly Pinteresting: the Little Orange Desk

Remember this little old orange desk, from just yesterday?

I've been experimenting with Pinterest, and I like it some, though I'm not as addicted as some women seem to be. I have one pin board where I pin photos (original content only) from my blog. Just seeing if it will drive some traffic. I'm just an itty bitty blog, and I'm trying to grow.

Well, I pinned the photo of the desk rehab from yesterday's post, here........and it got repinned. FORTY-NINE times. And liked 10 times. Now granted, there's stuff on Pinterest that gets pinned a bejillion times. In fact, there's a chicken enchilada recipe circulating out there right now that I'm sure is being served for dinner tonight in EVERY household in the country, based on how many repins it's gotten. But for me, 49 pins is a LOT.

I'm not sure what I do has mass appeal, and I'm not sure I want it to. But it was nice to have a little affirmation that, yes, one or two of my ideas have some get-up and go. Some mileage. Now, Pinterest is virtual imagination, not real world execution. But if 49 pins means there might be, somewhere out there, even one more sunny bright orange kid's desk in the world, I feel I've done my part for a better humanity.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love the color you chose. I have a couple desks I need to do and I am inspired. I think I just might have to go orange.