Saturday, April 14, 2012

Secondhand Score: Office Desk

This is what I picked up this morning. Thank the thrift shopping stars it fit in the back of my van:

It's a steel and laminate-topped office credenza, I'm guessing from the 1950s, and was being used as a display piece in a local antique/second hand store. I love the aqua color and the size of it, which is long and narrow, like a portable counter top. It's got a few little areas of rust and one or two little chips in the laminate, but I love the shape and heft of it.

I asked the shop owner if she would sell it to me and she started with "Well, I've had a few offers on this piece before and I've always told them I wasn't going to sell it......." I thought that was it. But then she said, "I'd take $65 for it."


That was last week. She asked that I give her a week to ten to figure out new arrangements for her displays, and I said that would be just fine. We picked it up this morning, and right now it's residing in my garage.

It will become the boys/family computer desk printer home; first it will land in the front room, and then it will go downstairs in the basement once that area becomes the rec room/TV room/study room for the boys.

What I am digging most about this purchase is that I could have spent easily twice this much and more for a new computer desk that is made of chip board and plastic that falls apart in three years. This will go the distance for as long as I need it. Hooray for solid workmanship!


  1. Yay!!! I can make a comment now!!! :)

    OMG! That desk is AWESOME girl! And for $65, that is a steal! And you are so right, you could have spent twice the $$$ on some new, poorly made, desk and you know it wouldn't be nearly as cool!

    1. Hi Sara! (I had something adjusted wrong with my comment settings. Silly me! Now it's fixed--hooray!)

      You are so right. With four boys, I need stuff that's nearly bomb proof. I find that kind of quality more often with older pieces than I do with new. Now I'm thinking vintage map o' the world, metal desk thing leads to another....:)

  2. Ooh! That's really, really cool! And the color is just magnificent.

    1. It's almost a shame to put a computer monitor on it. Maybe I should look for a typewriter instead. :)