Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Little List

Writing, by Elisa Xyz

When I posted on Friday I said out loud in front of the whole world (me 'n' my big mouth), that I'd come back by Sunday with a list of things to accomplish for the week I have to myself between jobs. I consider it a way to take a little bite off the huge enchilada that is my total house renovation. If that goes well, maybe I will sit down and tackle the BIG LIST, the one I blogged about here with misgivings and strong drink. 

At first I was off and running. It's easy to "make a list." It's harder to "do the list." In my Wild Imagination, it's easy for me to get all excited about the possibilities of "getting stuff done." Unfortunately, Wild Imagination, that sassy missy, tends to concentrate on the fun stuff-- the pillows and the knick-knackery, picking paint chips and shopping for the little finishing touches. She doesn't seem to care much for the more unpleasant things like pulling up carpet staples, sanding walls, or cleaning up several decades worth of grime.

So I put a stop to all that, got stern with myself and start to think realistically what I could get done in a week, and what HAD to get done this week. After that, a clearer picture started to emerge.

How I chose my week's list:

1. I'm going to be freelance writing again for about 10 to 15 hours a week to supplement my new job's income. That means I'll be working from home again, and need to have an orderly, dedicated place in which to do it. My front room is a disaster, and I'm going to change that.

2. Some time ago, I put a firm moratorium on buying any more fabric until I did some of the endless projects I cooked up in my head (thanks, Wild Imagination). I've got some projects that need doing in the short term, so now it seems easier to dive in.

Above from left to right are two floral cotton prints I picked up last year, and a vintage lightweight dobby plaid. I need some skirts that are office casual appropriate, and I've got some simple patterns that I can run up quickly to fill my closet. The fabric on the far right was a set of curtains in a previous life, made of sturdy twill. They are going to become a set of toss pillows for my living room sofa.

3. I keep shoving off having a yard sale because I can't seem to get my act together, assemble the items, and sort them by categories that will be easy to price. Also, this issue is getting me stuck on making progress in my bedroom (Don't ask. It's not pretty). So, I'll spend a day getting these things organized, even if I don't have a date set yet.

4. Another reason that I've gotten "stuck" on my bedroom is a ceiling paint job that I did last fall that to be perfectly honest, stunk. I didn't want to start the next step, a floor painting job, until I painted the ceiling again. But I hate painting ceilings. So.....(clock ticking, calendar pages dropping to the floor)....I just didn't do it. This situation is ridiculous, and I'm doing something about it this week.

5. More progress in the garden. Any progress at all. Don't get me wrong. It's been coming along. I just need to keep at it. Right now that means bagging and disposing of sod, mulching newly claimed border territory, and getting edgers run all the way along the bed.

6. An "overflow day." Even thinking hard about setting priorities, I tend to get too ambitious. A day to make up for unexpected surprises or poor planning is a good idea.

So here we go with the little list/schedule:

The Little List
Sunday: This is Prep Day. Cleaning supplies for front room project, set up sewing machine on the dining room table, assemble paint supplies in bedroom for ceiling re-do. Find storage boxes for garage sale organizing day.
Monday: This is Front Room Day. Clean, organize, and get the front room ready to be a freelancers office!
Tuesday: This is Sewing Day. Skirts, pillows!
Wednesday: This is Garage Sale Planning Day. 
Thursday: This is Ceiling Painting Day.
Friday: This is Gardening Day.
Saturday: This is Recovery Day. Clean house and do laundry. 
Sunday: Yeay Me Day!


  1. Good luck with it all! And just think how happy you'll feel when you get to check each of those items off the list! :)

  2. I love your blog. I am going to link to it for my students this summer. Congrats on the new job.

    My son turned 7 this week, so I thought last Monday it was a great idea to empty everything out of his jam-packed room and return only the essentials. Plus, his party was Friday, and I had no idea if it would be rain-free or not. By the end of Monday, his room was terrific, but the rest of my house was a complete disaster!

    After seeing your schedule, I think you need more than one recovery day :)

    1. Thanks, Regina, and hi there! Getting close to the end of my first day here, I can see what you mean. I've got the front room looking loads better. The rest of the house is a mess!