Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lamp Love Link: Sea Green

Aqua, sea green, jadeite, whatever you call it--don't you love it? I do. At whatever end of blue (robin's egg) or green (copper patina) it ends up.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

These lamps, featured for sale on Etsy, are just perfect in so many ways, including the aqua. The shades are lovely and don't compete with the era or the design of the lamps. The lamp bases themselves are unusual and have more of the Art Deco motif found in earlier lamps than the Atomic designs found later mid-century. The seller, ILoveLamp1965, is a new one which looks as though they are making new vintage-look lamp shades; which is a very, very good thing. There aren't enough vintage "shady" people out there doing their shady doings!

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