Sunday, July 15, 2012

Retro-spotting in Georgia

My sister and I have six boys between us, my four and her two. After taking them to aquariums and swimming pools and science centers during our vacation, we managed to sneak away for most of a day. A day which included retro wonderfulness and margaritas as big as your head.

Since I was more in the mood to move with agility (well, up until the margarita point, but that was AFTER shopping) in stores without lugging around my Canon, and because I wanted to enjoy the day as a lady who lunches with her sister instead of a blogger thinking "Content! Content! Content!" everywhere I went, I just snapped photos with my cell phone. Most of these are from Kudzu, in Decatur, Georgia.

While it's far from content with an exclamation point when it comes to the blog, it's enough for a peek at our day.

1. "Mohawk," a B-move poster from 1956. "An exciting saga torn from the flaming pages of history!!!" What a hoot.

2. Mid-century ashtrays so cool they make me want to smoke cigarettes....CANDY cigarettes.

3. Swanky little green desk.

4. Gin Rickey? Cosmopolitan? Long Island Iced Tea? Glasses and caddy for drinks on the patio!

5. Too to the much. Matching vases, two kinds of marble, a brass lady making tender gestures at nothing (perhaps she also had a margarita as big as her head), a clock and well, isn't that quite enough?

6. Wood painted ponies from I don't know where for I don't know what. But pretty. Very pretty.

7. My inner snerky-humor twelve-year old couldn't help but giggle at the "Gaytime" Motorola radio. My how vocabularies have changed.

8. A drop front bar with amber glass panels below, a mirrored inside, and little brackets for drink-making supplies. A great place to store those glasses from up above yonder in this post (see #4).

I made ONE purchase during my day out and about, which I'll share with you in its own little blog post (along with a bigger, feature-y photo) next week. You may consider yourself officially teased with a teaser!

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