Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tiki Table

I came home with one thing from my shopping trip in Georgia earlier this month. While at Kudzu in Decatur, I found lots of Mid-century goodies.

This was a refreshing change from the Midwestern state where I live. It's largely agricultural and so is its history. This means that for the most part, people lived in small towns and rural locations, and tended to be traditional in tastes rather than trendy or modern. It shows in the antiques and vintage stuff you find around my region. You're not gonna find a lot of mod, atomic stuff here. Not that that's a bad thing. Just the way it is.

But I enjoyed getting to an entirely different part of the country, an entirely different set of tastes, and a definitely more urban selection of vintage eye-candy. This tiki-style coffee table not only caught my eye; it came home with me.

I dance-partnered it up with a couple of my front patio chairs for the sake of photos, but it's intended to end up on my now off-limits (due to extreme ugliness with a vengeance) back screen porch. Back behind the new coffee table you can see a little metal side table I found in the trash many, many years ago.

Here's another view:

What caught my fancy? The funky shape of the top, and the very unusual legs. I've never really seen anything quite like it. The curved placement of all the leg pieces at each end make it look a little wonky at some angles, but it is actually symmetrical. Inspecting underneath, it looks like it was once blonde wood, styled to look like bamboo. Someone somewhere along the line stained it a dark reddish, muddy looking stain (sob!) and then later someone painted it the current green color. It doesn't seem to have any manufacturing markings. It doesn't appear bad at all in the photos, but in person the paint color has sort of this aggressive glow that might cause retina damage in the wrong lighting. It will probably stay green, but might need a shade slightly healthier to the eyes.

The price tag was $34. What do you think, friends? 


  1. I like it a lot. My mind kind of wants to think that it used to be a part of something larger but as I don't know what or if it's true...yeah, I'm clueless.