Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage Window Shopping

Friend Kristy and I met for lunch Monday and a quick look into Main Street antique and second-hand stores. Monday is a good day for lunch, because it's less crowded in the restaurants, but not-so-ideal for vintage shopping because about half the stores are closed on Monday. Drat. Still, I found some good stuff at the local furniture consignment shop. None of it came home with me, but you know--it's the thrill of the hunt!

A nice full-sized Broyhill bed, $75.  I don't know what style this is. It's not Brasilia:

A clean-lined dresser with unusual, fun hardware:

About 8 pieces of crewel work design. I took pictures of only two of them, but there was a variety, much of it Pennsylvania Dutch inspired. Some collector is going to score big!

Two avocado kitchen chairs. I was tempted, since my kitchen will be an avocado green 1960s-1970s color scheme. But these were covered in a rather high maintenance, satiny fabric that would be a disaster after a few months with young children in the house. I gave them a pass so they could be adopted by the right home!

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  1. Darn, don't you hate that when stores are closed! Seems like that happens to us all the time when we are on a road trip too...we get there on the only day they are closed and you know we won't be making it back anytime soon.

    You saw some cool stuff, I really like that headboard.