Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lamp Love Link: The Replacements

Glass light cover from lazydaysrelics on Etsy.
Even in a house with original light fixtures, there can be some tough decisions about what's worth saving and what's not. I've got some really nice ones. I've also got some simple upstairs hallway fixtures that were basic standard issue for their time (1940s), but have seen much better days. I notice one is cracked at the collar; I am not sure if it'll make it the next time I need to change a light bulb.

So, I've been hunting around. These simple, small, white and clear glass shades fit the bill and are mercifully inexpensive, compared to the thousands of dollars you can shell out for elaborate, rare, and sought-after vintage fixtures. Isn't this one cheerful and crisp looking? I love the Art Deco motif. Its modest size is also a big consideration for me. I do not have standard 8 ft. ceilings on the second story, so this pint-sized sweetie is appealing for that reason too. No head bonks.

This week's Lamp Love Link comes with an announcement about this blog feature. I've decided it will be published twice monthly, the second and fourth Wednesdays. As the blog approaches its first anniversary, I'm trying to figure out some basic scheduling to make this blog more predictable for readers, and also more predictable for me in managing content. I love lamps, but I think weekly links were saturating the blog a bit with one particular topic. Stay tuned for other tweaks as On the Doorstep gets ready for its first birthday (in November).

The bonus for this week's Lamp Love Link is for readers of a certain "vintage," who caught the reference in the post title. Let's hear it for the '80s!

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  1. That kind of shade would look so perfect in your home, and I really love how they look too!

    Congrats on your pending blog anniversary!!! Amazing how time flies, isn't it!