Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look At My Purty Dishes

On Tuesday I showed you my "new" printer stand, a vintage turntable cabinet. But oh, that's not all. I feel like it's third grade here on the blog this week, and it's show and tell. Every day.

One of my cousins is in the process of cleaning out the estate home of her aunt, and she picked out a box of stuff she thought I would like, and sent it along home with my Mom last week. Boy, did she have my number.

The items above from left to right are: a pressed glass spoon holder, an opalescent glass cream pitcher, and an amber Depression glass dish. I threw them on top of a dishtowel so the colors would show more in the photos, not necessarily to confess to you that I never iron anything. So there's your "keeping it real" moment for this blog post.

I'm one of those ladies who likes all sorts of "purty dishes" (say dishes with a long squishy southern vowel-- "deeshes") for entertaining, flower arrangements, holding eyeglasses, mail, and jewelry. Heck, I may even use that spoon holder as a spoon holder. I do, yes, have to actively manage my inclinations at garage sales, auctions, and thrift shops, or I'd have cupboards full. Cake stands alone are their own category.

Look at these!

Are these not perfect for my 1960s avocado supreme kitchen? The mixing bowls are especially great, because I've been needing some smaller-scale bowls for cooking. The casserole is a 9-inch square. They are all a Pyrex pattern called Spring Blossom.

There was also a loaf pan and a gigantic shallow casserole, almost 9x13 pan size. I'd never seen one that large.

And then there was this wonderful thing:

Anyone for some Tang? 

I could see myself serving mojitos in this. Tang mojitos? Hmmm. It's so summery looking. 

I am so grateful to Valerie (holla, girl) for thinking of me. All of these items are welcome to my home and will be used. 

I have to be honest and say I'm also grateful because it's hard to blog about progress on the house when, well, there's been no progress on the house. While all of these recent acquisitions have been great because they are wonderful in and of their own selves, I have to admit they've saved my blogger behind this week. 

I'll be back next week with some decor updates, some garden updates, and some project updates.

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  1. I'm having some serious Pyrex envy! And cousin-with-an-aunt-with-cool-stuff envy. And I totally hear you on the difficulties of blogging about house progress when there isn't any, or there's only the kind that doesn't lend itself to pictures. I'm enjoying show and tell, so no worries on my end. Hope you have a great weekend.