Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Messy and Full Life (and Blog Post)

This blog post will resemble my life right now. Which means it will lack organization, direction, and possibly sanity.

But it's better than no blog post at all, no?

I've been puttering along at both bathroom and exterior paint scraping. In a few areas, the paint has come off in gloriously large peels. Definitely a sign that the paint was in bad shape, but so gratifying to have gobs fall off all at once.

(And apparently it's also Toe Fetish Day on the blog. Enjoy.)

I've bought paint for the bathroom walls, but I am still busy filling holes and sanding patching. I didn't take any picture of that because, well....boring.

All that work is what made Housiversary Number 2 go by almost completely unnoticed. I'd had some grandiose scheme last year about a party-slash-open house, and I'm sure I was imagining cupcakes and drinks in pint jars and home-made party banners and croquet on the lawn like I was addicted to Pinterest or something. But the truth is that even under ideal circumstances I sorta suck at event planning.

So Mr. Man and I had one couple over for dessert. That I can handle.

The kids are back from Colorado and camping a la sandy underpants, and from Europe and a post-trip bout of jet-lag. Grant knows his mother's ultimately geeky heart, and brought back a reproduction folio of The Tempest from the Globe Theater in London. It makes me all swoony.

The weather is hot and humid, and I live in an old house without central air upstairs. We finally put one of two new window air-conditioning units upstairs on Tuesday night, and it ended up being a two-hour cluster-f#$% because the new units aren't quite as well designed to fit on an old house windowsill as the old ones were. Which begs the question: what brand spanking new house needs a window air-conditioner? Really? Aren't window a/c's for working-class families and old-home owners whose central air is non-existent to non-functional? So that's my home ownership rant of the week. And I've still got one more cluster-f#$% to go. Remember me in your thoughts.

Because it is hot and humid, I've also lost the will to cook. Unfortunately the boys have not lost the will to eat hot meals. They honestly want me to boil pasta in this weather? I could easily live on fruit, carrot sticks straight out of the bag, and this:

Edamame hummus. It's my new food "thing," eaten with whole grain pita chips. (Um, no. I don't do sponsored posts, they didn't give me anything, and I'm not getting paid to say that.)

Secretly I'd like to ditch all of bathroom and house scraping mess and garden. I'm enjoying the color and textures:

The daylilies are off the hook:

And the roses too:

And the Asiatic lilies are about ready to go:

But see that plant in the lower right background? Giant weed. I need to get on that too. What's keeping your summer crazy?

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  1. I know just what you mean about the peeling paint! And feeling like there's no real progress. But I think this is what real progress looks like for most of us--small steps in a bunch of directions at once.

    And I'm hearing you on heat and no AC. That'd be us, too. It's been cool and rainy the past few days (yay!), but we're supposed to hit 90 tomorrow. Motivation to finish painting our (basement) family room today--that's the only place that's tolerable when it gets that warm.

    Cheering you on from Portland!