Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beautiful Vintage

My sister and I have been hitting all the local vintage places this week. This time we definitely talked more than we bought; but here are a few things that struck me as especially beautiful, though all for very different reasons:

This coral pink number made me think of Sara from No Pattern Required. Anybody have a prom to go to soon?

This photo made me think of adopting two more kids:

Meet Francis and Evangeline. I'm guessing from their clothes and her haircut that we're in the 1920s time frame. Many older photos are devoid of emotion, but here it is bursting out of the paper frame. I love the trusting way that Francis leans into his big sister, and how Evangeline holds his little hand. How these family photos end up in antique stores is beyond me. It breaks my heart. Who are they? Did they have a good life? Did they remain devoted siblings? Do any of their descendants even know who they are?

Some updates from the post where I said a long and difficult goodbye to a 1930s walnut and mahogany bedroom furniture set: 

That's one of the dressers, in the consignment shop. See that little tag on the left? SOLD. It's going to a new home along with the rest of the set, and so another chapter closes. It was time, and I know there's a check in the mail.

This wasn't for sale, but a part of our tour of a local living history museum:

Windmills have always been an icon of the American Midwest, of agriculture, and of self-sufficiency. I love their sculptural quality, and how they creak in the breeze.

What beautiful old things have you seen lately?


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh, know me all to well girl.....LOVE that dress!!!! I never made it to prom, but that would be my dream dress!

    I know it must be bittersweet to see your special furniture moving on, but I think you definitely made the right choice.....and money always helps doesn't it! :)

    So glad to hear you are having a blast with your sis!

    1. It seemed like the style back then was to see how many ruffles they could cram onto one garment. To me the dress looks itchy as all get-out, but that's just me. I was never a good "dress-up" girl. They should have proms for grown-up ladies (and I think they do)-- we have better taste, right? ;)

  2. My mom had a prom dress just like that one, only strapless. But same color, same skirt, same bows, same everything else. I LOVED playing dress-up in it. It's currently in a bag in my garage. :-)

    And I always have the same questions when I see family photos in vintage stores. I have a bunch that belonged to my Grandma and were passed to me when she died. I don't know who all of the people in them are, but I know they are all my people. Can't imagine ever giving them away.

    1. I have a few photos that are the same way--identification mysteries--- and yet, I'd never give them up. I used to occasionally buy photos of "orphaned relatives" as I call them, anyway the ones that seemed emotionally compelling to me for some reason. But I've stopped because I realized that I can't "save" them all. And that I might be losing it a little. :)