Friday, May 30, 2014

Flea Market Booty, 2014

The last time my sister and I went to the flea market, in 2012, a great deal of our haul was fabulous vintage ceramics, like this:

This year is was more a mixed, and smaller, bag. For me. My sister got skunked. Seriously. She left the market without a single item. I was tempted to ask if she was running a temperature, but then decided against it. We all know that it happens. Sometimes the Flea Market Goddess decides it's not our day.

I brought home a wonderfully tacky fish planter, which will be used in our bathroom to corral things on the counter. Price? $1

I also spotted this nightstand; I loved the Art Deco lines, even though it had seen better days. Price: $18

Here's a view of the top. It's going to need a little bit of a rescue job:

Once it's feeling more like its pretty self, it will go in my bedroom.

This year, my friend Kristy couldn't go with us, and so instead of getting sunburnt at a county fairground for hours, she gets a glass to put her beer in. I've always kind of liked these older, 6 to 8 oz glasses for beer. That way way you can have more, right? Price: $3

My last item was my biggest "score" in terms of total satisfaction. For the longest time, I've been looking for a garden watering can, and I've been a total Goldilocks about finding one that wasn't too big (heavy) too small (not worth the effort), too flimsy (anything plastic) or too ugly (everything plastic).

A gentleman who was selling spiffed up old farm equipment had this to offer, and it came home with me. Price: $24. Yes, I know, and he wouldn't budge. But it is made like a rock, it's the perfect size, and it won't break or split after one season. I just love the feeling of it in my hand. And I think it's beautiful. Don't you?

The watering can is in itself a preview of the next few posts, which will be garden related. I'll see you soon!


  1. That sprinkling can is so worth 24 bucks. It has that nice sprinkler head on it and of course it will last forever AND it will look so good just sitting there inbetween sprinkles.

    Night stand is a diamond in the rough.

    Nice scores all the way around.

    1. Thanks, Jan! Yes, I've been ridiculously happy with the watering can since I brought it home.

  2. If it's what you love and you know you'll use it for years, it's worth the price. You could easily spend that much on two watering cans that aren't quite right. Been there, done that! And I love the one you got.