Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Blog Post in Which We Talk About (and actually) Paint

Last weekend, as I approached Sunday mid-afternoon, I had paint cans out, sticky brushes, wet surfaces, ladders in multiple places, piles of tools, piles of dirt, and piles of mulch. Inside, I had a fairly revolting bathroom, a disaster of a kitchen, and no clean laundry for work the next day.

It was pretty glorious. It was the first time in months and months that I'd been able to actually get some paint on this house. And while I am really surprised I ended up at work on Monday wearing a bra and shoes (and all the other appropriate items) and with no caulk still stuck to my legs, it was worth working up to the last minute.

When last we left the exterior projects, we were here:

I'd decided that even though it didn't show progress from the street side, where everyone drives by, it was worth having the patio area painted, where we spend all our time. The window facing the camera is my oldest son's bedroom window, which faces west. The window on the far right is the kitchen eat-in window, which faces north.

I like how the green color makes the brick foundation a feature instead of a detraction. I've still got a ways to go to fill this space, but the right things will come in the right time.

A "from the very beginning" before of the area:

To a wider angle shot, showing the screen porch on the west/back of the house, still with the mauve/beige paint. There are some problems with the exterior siding of the porch, and we're trying to decide what to do before we jump in to the next painting project. 

While I was waiting for caulk to dry, I also did a quick spray paint job on a large rusty metal enamel tray I found in my garage. I wanted something to protect my new patio table from flower pots, and I did not want to buy something.

With leftover spray paint (in orange, and spatters from an almost empty bronze can) it went from rusty and knock-your-eye out yellow to:

It is a good foundation for my island of misfit flower pots. Even though it's already past midsummer I'll probably find something to put in them.

I also got started scraping some windows (far less glamorous, but necessary nonetheless). And I mentioned dirt and mulch piles too. We had a little bit of a landscape project going on as well. I'll get to that in a separate post.....

Right after I get my laundry done, and my bathroom clean.

How's your summer project list? Making progress?

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  1. I totally identify with what you are going through, and I'm cheering you along as you work. Looks great!