Thursday, July 31, 2014

Old Nightstand Rehab

Remember this nightstand from the flea market in May? I picked it up for $18, and it had seen better days.

While I have some large objections (which is a whole other blog post that I've avoided writing because, well, I'd probably offend some people) to the recent trend in painting old furniture, I was looking in the direction of doing that just that, because of the top:

My mother, however, who is a bit of a magician with the furniture refinishing, took a look at it, ran her hand over it a few times, and said "let me take that home with me for awhile." 

It came back looking like this: 

And the top of it looked so much better:

The Art Deco lines are even more beautiful now that it's seen a little love. I'm grateful to my mom that she was able to rescue this for me. (Note: I also know that I've photographed this in front of a vintage buffet that is, indeed, painted. I'm conflicted on the painting furniture issue. Can you tell?)

I am looking for two nightstands that are small in scale. When my bed moves to the alcove in my bedroom, I'll need smaller scale furniture, and this one will do the trick. I'm still on the search for the second one. I'm not married to the idea of matchy-matchy for nightstands, so anything could happen, just like with this flea market find.

We've got a bunch of little projects going all over the place right now. It's pretty much what August looks like every year, I've noticed. More soon!


  1. Your Mom is a wizard. What did she do? I have Fear of Furniture Refinishing, maybe I could learn something. That looks amazing.

  2. Ditto on Karen Anne's comment! I'd love to know, too .. the transformation is wonderful; kudos to your mother!


  3. This little piece turned out great! Even though I paint a lot of furniture, I hear ya about the recent paint it trend. I cringe sometimes when I see really nice furniture slathered with paint and faux-distressed. On the other hand, the right color and technique can really make a ho hum, or weird 70s, piece into the star of a room.

    I know you will run across the perfect thing to use as your other nightstand. You'll know it when you see it.

  4. Does your mom want to adopt another daughter? I could have two moms... :-)

    That looks fabulous. And I'm with you on painting wood. I do it when a piece is too far gone to bring back to life, but otherwise I like to preserve it. We were in a salvage-type place recently with a bunch of "distressed" furniture, which distressed me because I hate fake distressing and wondered what kind of real character got erased. (There. I can say it because it's not my blog.) Looking forward to seeing what else you're working on. And love the new header!