Monday, November 28, 2011

An entry introducing a checkered past...

I’ve lived in my house for six months now. Considering my house is over 70 years old, it seems a bit early to be bragging. The ink is hardly dry on the mortgage. But there’s been a lot that’s gone on in that time. A lot of appliance delivery (this involves jumping up and down and maniacal giggling), plumbing disasters (alternations between abject weeping and sailor cursing), shopping (Etsy, you have led me astray, but if felt SO GOOD.), muttering (did they have to paint the bathroom purple….with flat paint???) and daydreaming (Ima gonna finish that side attic into the woman’s lair of my dreams….)

But that’s the cranky collision with my personality and this blog. I’m only getting started with it, and yet I’m already well into the adventure I’m trying to document. Don’t you want to skip chapters when a book is sooooooo good? I do.

Same here. I’m going to skip around a bit, so we can get to the good parts, and to provide a bigger variety than a) got my radon inspection waiver signed, b) scheduled my closing……yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn. I’ll catalog these bits with a timeline at the beginning, and as we approach real time the skipping around will taper off. Those who are wed to strict chronology and starchy drawers are going to suffer a bit following this blog. You’ve been warned. Now let’s go have some fun.

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