At the Door

At the door of the old house and in charge of the new life is me, Laura. In the course of a few years, I moved back to the Midwestern college town I’d done most of my growing up in, became a writer, left a marriage that was no longer an equal partnership, and then lived a few wickedly confused years divorcing, living with mom (eek!), living in an apartment, and struggling to find a place to call my own. That’s a run-on sentence, I know, but that was how my life was. I lived a run-on life. I have four boys, two of them twins. I drink red wine. I’m impatient with the color beige and I have too many magazines. I love to cook and hate to clean. My taste is outlandishly more sophisticated than my upbringing and my bank account would indicate. I am outrageously lazy and yet envy, creativity, and boredom in equal amounts will get me to pick up a paint brush, hammer, or (gawd help us all) a can of spray adhesive.