Front Hall Closet

In the front hall closet I keep the things that anyone reading this blog should probably know:
  1. I am not a professional. (duh.) 
  2. Sometimes I swear. 
  3. I have four boys. This should be every excuse I need for glasses of wine, washable fabrics, and the occasional melt-down.
  4. I’m not an historical purist. I love history, and I love my old house, but my reality lives somewhere at the junction where my paycheck, my attention span, my schedule, and my personal taste meet. So, if you’re going to go into hysterics because I haven’t painstakingly tracked down the last manufacturer of a certain type of tile that is precisely period accurate for my 1939 foyer, this blog will only annoy you.
  5. I’m not always consistent. This blog is about my house and the adventure I’m having remodeling and reviving it. Occasionally you’ll hear about a crock pot recipe, good music selections to rip out vinyl wall paneling to, or me going on about something I’ve deemed “neato.”
  6. I’m new to most of this, including single parenthood and using a power drill. Friendly advice (and heck yeah, cheering too) will be met with deep gratitude. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Laura, I'm Laura too! I just "met" you and already feel like I've met my long-lost sister. I share your love of paint chips and expensive taste but also the constraints of small paychecks, limited skills, and limited time to acquire said skills. Look forward to skimming your archives!