Monday, December 5, 2011

Quickie cool stuff: mid century modern vases

I'll be honest. Dept. 56 stuff doesn't rattle my cage much. I like Christmas decorations that don't scream Christmas decorations. My favorite thing to do is dress up stuff I already have for the holiday spirit, like this pair of mid-century modern vases (Unmarked. Can anyone identify?) that my sister gave me for my birthday. I was all swoony about their leaf motif and green color, and both those design details lend them toward holiday foo-foo.

Of course I had no idea crab apples grew on yew branches. Who knew?

Lots of vintage items which make themselves right at home in older houses the other months of the year might just need a little twist or a few extra accents to make them holiday ready. Consider canning jars, brown transferware, white milk glass, ruby pressed glass, and even old enamelware as possibilities, especially if you already have them gathering dust in some cupboard. I have a few pieces of avocado green glass I'll be experimenting with. You can also check out my Christmas Decorating board on Pinterest; all items have an element of using found or vintage objects that aren't traditionally Christmas-y, or things you may already have on hand. Have fun!

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