Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lamp Love Link: Owls

From Etsy seller RattyandCatty.

I don't usually go crazy over baby things. Mostly because I'm at an age where my babies all have stinky feet and sass right straight back at me; my ovaries are permanently parked. Having bounced four babies, my memory is too fresh of the sleepless nights, diaper changes, and baby burp to be fooled by all the trappings of sherbet-colored wee shirts and whimsical toys.

So I'm a bit surprised that I pounced on this as my favorite lamp of the week. It's for sale on Etsy over at RattyandCatty.  I think it's the owl. Definitely the owl. And probably his green eyebrows too. I also like the fact the lamp post is a little wonky, so it's more like the mast of the boat then straight upright. Then again, the assembly worker who put it together may have had his party on the night before. It's hard to tell.

And I have lamp gossip, too. You know I have a thing for lamps; the quirkier the better. I've been looking for just the right lamp for my living room end table, which is a step end table. That little upper shelf needed a lamp (not only am I too old to have babies, I'm too old to see to read), and I've been surfing along looking for the right thing. It couldn't be too big, it needed to be retro looking at least and actually vintage at best. And green. I finally found just the right thing. It's in the midst of being shipped, so I'll share when it's all settled into its adopted home.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Ah! A lamp tease! Very well played...very well played, indeed!

    That owl and the pussycat lamp is adorable. That was always one of my favorite rhymes as a kid.