Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lamp Love Link: Full Sail with Ship Lamps

Sometimes when I go looking around for vintage wares on Etsy, a trend in listings will hit my eye, and I'll wonder whether there was some great Karmic alignment of estate sales in the universe. This week it was ship lamps, and I was finding dozens of them. They are so full of kitschy goodness that I can hardly stand it, and what's even better is that there seems to be something to scratch any person's particular itch for kitsch.

First, we have the slightly more tasteful 50s nautical theme, perfect for family library or study:

Ceramic ship lamp with steel sails from Estate Hound on Etsy.

But if pink floats your boat (sorry, I couldn't help myself), we also have this little number:

Pink TV lamp with gold trim from BehindTheWall on Etsy.

Right up my alley this one with the color green and an Asian theme. It's also a planter, so you could really glam this up:

Green TV lamp/planter with pagoda shade, from threemartinilunch on Etsy.

And my personal all time favorite, which I would SO try to work into a boys room if I really needed it. Shiver me timbers!

Pirate ship lamp from fortunatenora on Etsy.
TV lamps were a 1950s pop culture trend that only lasted the decade. At the time, people thought that watching the new technology, television, in a darkened room would damage vision, and so it was thought a lamp was necessary. I think women were also looking for a way to decorate the new piece of furniture somehow. Why not a lamp? That's my kind of thinking. And if you're interested in finding out more, there's this entire website dedicated to TV lamps over at


  1. OMG!!! That little green ship lamp is SO adorable! It would go perfectly with my green couch, but I promise to be good and only admire it from the pics! :)

    1. Oh, if you just couldn't do without it, I promise I won't tell if you decide to be naughty. ;)