Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lamp Love Link: Land Ho!

Once again I've found a lamp that would work in a kid's room. In fact, if I hadn't already found a lamp (in the gutter, no less) that I fixed up for the twins, I think that I would have reeled this one in (yes, I'm going to let a few fishing puns go here).

From the VelvetBranch on Etsy. Tons of cool stuff in the shop!
It's from TheVelvetBranch on Etsy, $38.

Is anyone hungry for fish sticks?

I see burlap or fishnetting on the lampshade, because when you fall for a kitschy theme you have fall for it (wait for it).......hook, line, and sinker. (You're welcome.)

This lamp also fits my decorating theory that every room needs just a touch of tacky to have life, personality, and, by the boatload. (I think I have it out of my system now.)

The lamp I ordered that I mentioned last week arrived today. It's perfect! I'll post photos this weekend.