Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lamp Love Link: Perfect Aqua Pair

For this week's Lamp Link I'm pleased to share a pair of lamps with the trifecta (try to ignore the fact that a pair with a trifecta makes no sense) of vintage lamp appeal: they're in perfect condition, unusual, and labeled.

Royal Haeger Mid-century Lamps with original shades from ILiveModern on Etsy.

Holy buckets of disposable income, Batgirl, these are not a thrift find: $350. In my estimation, however, it's a fair price. They've got matching ceramic finials which I have NEVER seen before on lamps like these, a pretty color, original shades in perfect condition, and a label that tells us these are Royal Haeger. Some lucky, lucky person is going to have these for their Mid-century living room, and I wish them (whoever they are) much happiness with them. How could you own such beauties and not smile every time you walked past them?


  1. Those lamps are completely amazing aren't they!

    I bought a pair of small-ish lamps (probably about the same size as the lamps in the pic) about 6 years ago. They were made out of this white Italian Alabaster on the base with fiberglass shades on the top. I hemmed and hawed at the $100 asking price, feeling like I was totally getting ripped off but bought them anyway because I loved them SO much. I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about the asking price now huh!

    1. I did almost the exactly the same thing! About ten years ago I bought a pair of pressed glass boudoir lamps with dangly crystals and pleated shades, the whole nine yards, because they were just so over-the-top and SO girly-pretty, I had to have them. I was almost ashamed I'd spent $100 on the pair of them, and even hid them in a closet for awhile (like the credit card company wouldn't find them there? What? Ha!) But you know, as much as it tortured me then I've never regretted those lamps. :)