Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stuff I Saw Shopping: Mid-Mod Sofa and Patio Set

Just a quick post with some (bad, sorry) cell phone snapshots of a couple things with nice Mid-century lines I saw at an after work trip to the local Target store .

First up, a patio set:

We'll have our mai-tais served on the patio, please.
My phone camera is reproducing this as more of a true blue, when instead it is a vibrant aqua. It's also available in bright yellow and apple green. I thought the lines of the chairs were Eames-ish and the metal mesh period looking. They also seemed remarkably sturdy for the price. You can take a look at the online link here. I was really attracted to this set, but not serious about it for my own purchase. I've got four boys and often other guests, and my patio furniture is going to have to hold a crowd.

Next up we have the Thompson sleeper sofa in Mocha:

What's a davenport? 
You can find the online link to the sleeper sofa here.

This is in no way a high quality sofa, but it's a small piece that comes in a box (good for narrow stairs) that might be something I would consider for the basement man cave or a teenager's room. You could gussy that right up into a faux mid-century davenport with the right pillows and coffee table.

Also picked up a lampshade for the new living room lamp that I think will be perfect.....once I decide what color or fabric it should covered in. One step at a time!

**Disclaimer: I did not accept any compensation from Target for this blog post. The review is my own.

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