Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Window Shopping

Today I'm sharing my after-work jaunt through a few Main Street antique and second-hand stores. I loved these goodies, but decided to leave them there.

First some cute vintage Japan ware:

This lamp and mirror were great, but the corner was dark and the lamp was lit, which overwhelmed the cell phone camera. It's a pink and white frosted glass lamp with glass shade, I'm guessing 1930's Art Deco, and a cute-sized pie-crust and etched wall mirror. Dolly is a bonus, too!

This one is a holla to my sister, who loves anything bird related. It's probably Royal Copley:

Best thing was this child-sized hutch. I wish I had an excuse for this lovely baby; I love the green apple color:

Coming up, my new lamp purchase, and some vintage advertising. See you soon!

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