Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Burning Through the Week

Source: flickr.com via Laura on Pinterest

The sunburn I got on flea market Saturday has started to itch. And peel. Remember those old Solarcaine ads? They still make the product, but the ads don't feature those scary photos of red-baked but beautiful women. When I was a little girl I didn't realize the advertisements had been tinted, but compared to those I'd have to say my shoulders, arms, bosom, and nose look pretty impressive. Remember the jingle? "Solarcaine stops sunburn pain....." Next time? Sun screen (duh), hat, and long sleeved shirt.

And can I just say this? I miss the hell out of my sister. You can't have that kind of fun and margaritas and then just say "all done," like moderation is a VIRTUE, for pete's sake. It just isn't true. Moderation is for amateurs.

I'm also burning to share the rest of the flea market treasure, an Etsy purchase, some garden progress, and other big happenings.  It's been one of those weeks. Not just busy, but significant. I feel like I've been running around saying "Whoa!" every few minutes. I promise it's all coming soon. I'll even share a few of the "Whoas."

1 comment:

  1. Moderation is COMPLETELY for amateurs!!!! :)

    ps- sorry about the sunburn, it always happens to me too. I usually forget the sunscreen. uggghhhh.