Monday, May 7, 2012

Flea Market Treasure: The Ones That Got Away

Step right up......Kettle corn was being sold just steps away. I half expected to see an elephant in the next shed.

We'll start with the circus decor, because flea market day was circus-like in atmosphere. With babies in strollers, angus burgers from food stands, dogs on leashes and people in strange hats, it was almost as much fun to people watch as it was to shop.

Dyan, Kristy and I didn't arrive in time for opening, at 7 a.m., which meant we parked on the north forty. And I mean the north forty. We parked on a gravel road by a corn field and hiked back into town to the county fairgrounds, where the flea market was being held. Thank Karma we didn't end up buying a buffet. This little bitty Midwestern town of perhaps 300 people was bursting at the seams with thousands of cars and thousands of people. Wow. We had no idea what to expect. It was Fleamageddon. Fleamapalooza. And we didn't even see it all, there was so much of it. It was more flea than we could handle!

Today I'll share with you the stuff that didn't come home with us, but caught my eye. Later this week I'll show you our scores!

This paper doll wasn't labeled as being Marilyn Monroe, but she had a similar blonde bombshell look:

 I apologize for the blur in the photo below, but light in this building was dim and a very large woman kept jostling my elbow as she went in for the kill on a gaggle of old jam jars off to my left. I can't turn away from the concept of a sassy squirrel with a mallet, can you?

The glass and gold pitcher set was classier than I am. I'd have to go buy a dress to have this kind of party:

I almost didn't resist the Elvis Presley bust, and now I'm not sure how I did. He couldn't stand up on the crooked table, but he does look perfectly at home nestled between two pieces of Staffordshire royalty. He is The King, you know:

Now, when I think "party bucket" I think of those big containers of margarita mix. Nope. It's spiced herring cutlets in wine sauce. Who knew?

This washer intrigued me. The seller told me it was one of the very first agitator tub washers. The large tub did indeed have an agitator in the bottom, and the small tub on the left was to spin the clothes dry. It still worked, she said, and I could have had it for the grand sum of $55.

These trays were bright and fun. And tempting to walk on as stepping stones. The area had gotten an inch and a half of rain the night before, and the place was a muck of sloppy mud all day. Next time I'll throw my Wellies in the boot (I have neither Wellies nor a boot, but it seem like such a great thing to say):

Aren't these an adorable little cowboy couple? I've named them Arlene and Bo. I hope they went to a good home.

Here's an entire crowd o' Royal Copley planters and figurines, heavy on the Asian kitsch and cute puppies:

 I also loved this gaggle of mid-mod ashtrays!

Coming soon: I show you what we came home with! Stay tuned!


  1. OMG!!! That cowboy set would have SO came home with me! LOVE!!! I am curious, do you remember how much it was??? If you don't mind saying where oh where is this mystery flea market, I am dying to know! Can't wait to see what you found!

    1. Those were really hard to let go, but I was trying to be really disciplined. Discipline totally stinks! :) I remember $14? or $24?, but I'll ask my sister, since she looked them over too. I'm sorry my memory didn't stick with me. I found a set on e-bay, exactly the same, at $79!!!

      I'll talk more about the flea market in a post this week, I promise. :)

    2. Nooooooo, $80!?! For the cowboy set on e-bay!!! That is just crazy expensive! And I feel you on the "disciplined" thing, I am trying too....I just don't always succeed very well. ;)

      Can't wait to hear more about the flea!