Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lamp Love Link: Ode to Orange

For the longest time, I was not a fan of orange. It still isn't the color I choose first to decorate my spaces with. But its zingy charm has grown on me. My oldest son's room sports an orange lamp. I like orange in the garden for it's ability to marry blues and purples vibrantly. And I'm contemplating an orange front door for a stand-out statement in the neighborhood. Here's another couple of orange lamps I'd welcome in my interiors if I were so inclined. Think of it as a little ode to orange:

Are you eyes open? They will be:

Orange hanging lamp from AardworkenZo on Etsy. 
I can see that lamp lighting up in an ultra modern room of navy blue and stainless steel.
I'm more likely to go for streaky ceramics like this:

A pair of glazed lamps from MonDesirVintage on Etsy.
Very masculine and yet arty too. How do you like your orange?

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