Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lamp Love Link: Glass and Silver

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

This week my lamp love took me wandering into my already proclaimed history dweebiness as well as in a direction I seldom go: highly breakable. The stunning beauty above is currently on sale on Etsy with seller Borealman.

I've been meandering around doing casual research on Art Deco. My house was built when that design era was winding down, but I find it intriguing. The design movements running up to Art Deco, like Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau, were either reactions against or outgrowths of high Victorian style; Art Deco seemed to be the first real wave of Modernism as we recognize it today. I like how the world took a bunch of French Artists' vision of how beautiful the world could be at a world's fair in Paris in 1925, added some industrial design, some Bauhaus and Mies Van der Rohe, and then a little later shook it up in a cocktail mixer with Frank Sinatra and the Space Race and came up with Mid-century Modern. How cool is that?

This lamp is everything Art Deco was meant to be--smooth, almost automotive sleek curves, glamorous looking, symbolic of wealth. All of which translates into "far too nice to come live at my house."

My four boys aren't destructive on purpose (and I've met such children, more's the pity), or even excessively wild, but sheer numbers and the business of life dictate that there are days when my house is going to look like it's been sacked by Vandals. Yes, I do have ceramic lamps, but they can take a few bumps now and then. This lovely object deserves a home where quiet music plays, and people have swank dinner parties. Not my house.

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