Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Garden Teaser

There are times the Goddess of Domestic Productivity (Minerva of the Vacuum, I like to call her) abandons you completely. I'm here, but where is she? Between getting used to a new job (which is going GREAT, by the way), trying to wrap up a few little home improvement things, and get ready for our family summer vacation, I'm not getting anything done, including the laundry that needs to go in those suitcases in less than 48 hours.

The last week has seen swelteringly hot temps in my Midwest town. My garden has been looking just as sweaty, hot, and disheveled as I have, and the glare from the 115 degree heat index sun is not great for taking photos. It's too bad, because I've been wanting to share progress with you. After my son put in the new garden wall here, we've been steadily working eradicating weeds, defining beds, and mulching. We're not done with the front yard, but we're done with a significant portion.

Since my garden and the weather weren't cooperating for landscape portraiture, here's a few individual shots to show you that yes, we're starting to come along:

These are some kind of penstemon:

And this is a daylily from my sister's garden in Georgia. Plants from loved ones make me happy!

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  1. Pretty flowers!

    Hope you have a GREAT vacation! :) And I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying your new job.