Saturday, August 18, 2012


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Good morning!

It's Saturday morning here On the Doorstep, and I've already run two loads of laundry, written a column for the local paper, and ordered some iris for fall planting.

While some people don't much appreciate being faced with household chores on the weekend, as a working girl I somewhat (Just somewhat. It's not like you'll catch me dusting or anything.) embrace them. It means I'm home and not at the office.

It also means a way to do some necessary "excavating" as I call it, after a week with a busy house with four boys. A way to find the clean house under all the week's accumulated practice jerseys and dirty socks, junk mail, and random stuff, like the screwdriver in the bathroom (somewhat explainable) and the dirty dishes in the teenager's room (tragically predictable).

Taking time to take care of the routine business in one day means high hopes of getting further on with the kitchen painting business the next day.

The coffee pot is empty, so that means I need to finish this blog post and get a move on. Have a great Saturday no matter what you're doing!

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