Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kitchen Painting: Progress Report + Floor Plan

I knew when I started the kitchen painting project would not get done in one, or even two or three days. Still, it's hard to be patient when you've got blog readers waiting and you've got the place looking like this:

But life happens. The boys came back after their visit with their dad, I've got to head back to work, I've got a broken extension pole (see this post) and people around here want to eat. I've also had these hangups:

1. When painting different colors on different walls, especially when there is a strong contrast between them (like between the buff color and the avocado green color I've got going here), I like a clean line, and that means painter's tape. I tend to like to do the pale colors into the corners and around it a little bit first, and then do the wall with the dark or bright color last. But the Frog Tape that purchased has instructions that say to wait three days before putting the tape down on fresh paint.

THREE days? Well, I figure I've got a margin there, because they're probably trying to idiot-proof their product. But then again, the humidity was SO high the weekend I painted that waiting three days isn't a bad idea to make sure I have a completely dry and stable surface.

2. I've admitted I have a problem. Namely, a few wall areas that need more attention than just a little spackle and sanding. Like this crack under the window below:

Yeah. If I try to hide that, it will only come back. And that's not moisture around the crack if y'all are worried that's what the darker area is. The previous owners tried to put some sort of clear sealant on it.

Here's the promising shot:

Here you can begin to see where finished and unfinished are colliding. On the right wall is the Sherwin Williams Buff color, on the left wall is primer over that old navy blue paint. See that lovely perfect ceiling? You can also see a bit of the ugly white (and filthy) ceiling fan that is going to be removed soon. The door to the right is the basement stairwell.

The chickens on the cupboard want their closeup, so here:

It's also my feeble attempt to divert your attention from the lack of a finished project (look over here! Now here! Pay no attention to the disaster unfolding just beyond camera range!)

To give you a better idea how this is all shaping up, I found a great iPhone app called MagicPlan that will map out a floor plan on your phone. No really. The heck I say. What's below is from that, then doctored up on PicMonkey.

The small red arrows are showing that the soffits above the counters are primed. The big red arrow on the bottom is the wall that is finished. The upper arrow is pointing to the far right wall, which is the one primed over the old navy blue paint. And the ceiling (a BIG ceiling) is done.

The dimensions of this aren't 100 percent accurate, but give you an idea of how my kitchen lays out. The photo above of the cupboard, chickens, and corner is the lower right hand corner of the room in the layout. There is a wide galley kitchen to the left, and an eat-in area a step down to the right. I stuck a table in there for effect, but mine isn't oval. The diagram also shows the bi-swing door bottom right to the basement, the door bottom middle that passes into the dining room, and the sliding glass door, top right, that goes out to the screen porch.  The arrows and text were additions from PicMonkey editing. 

What's next? I'm going to paint the eat-in wall with the sliding screen door, and then the wall to the far right (the one that is now primed) avocado green. I hope I get kicking on that this Friday or Saturday. Wish me luck. Fortitude. Extra doses of sanity and drop cloths. 

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