Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lamp Love Link: A Light in the Kitchen

Since I've been painting my kitchen, I've had kitchens on my mind, and so I had to pull a few of my favorite kitchen lighting related items currently for sale on Etsy.

Catch this fruity lamp at Etsy seller LookingForYesterday's shop here. 

Or this one is also great if you've got a Jadeite thing going on in your kitchen: 

This sweet thing is found on Etsy with Tinkerztreasures here.
There should be no worries that I'm changing my mind about kitchen lighting for my own place. I'm sticking with my first love, which is this beauty here: 

I picked up this beauty at OrWa Designs on Etsy. They've got smashing good taste in lighting (though perhaps the word 'smashing' shouldn't be used with lighting, but you get me), AND they make some great furniture pieces for Midcentury Modern lovers. 

Stay tuned for a kitchen painting update later today!

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