Monday, August 13, 2012

Watching Paint Dry Blues

Here's a view of my front yard on Sunday:

Notice anything special about this rose? There's raindrops on roses! After the long, dry, drought-y summer we've had, these ARE a few of my favorite things! Honestly, it was a lovely sight and a cool, misty day.

Which makes me hesitant to complain about day two of painting. Relative humidity for the day ranged between 70 and 92 percent. So I painted......and then waited.....and waited.....and waited......for paint that would. not. dry. Add the moisture from the paint into the mix and it felt a little like the inside of a terrarium inside my kitchen.

Oh well. The rain on the windows and the slow pace are like a blues song, right?

I painted one wall of the eat-in area of the kitchen, and primed another wall. It was gratifying to cover up that blue with primer:

Do not get me wrong. I am not against the color blue. I'm only against this particular color of blue, in my particular kitchen. It was sucking the light and warmth out of the space where I feed my family and friends. Who wants that?

It wasn't wasted time. While I watched the paint dry, (well, really, I sorta did. I'm that excited to see the new colors on the wall) I pondered curtain designs and sketched up a few ideas. I think I'm going a different direction that I had originally thought. Oh, and I decided a round table would be better in the eat-in. And that I wish I had my Aunt's kitchen chairs (metal with vinyl seats) from the '70s right now, though they're long gone. See? I didn't waste a minute.

Stay tuned.

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