Friday, August 24, 2012

Zap, Slap and Unwrap: Progress Report

This post is a list of promises....or teasers, depending on how you look at it. Posts were thin this week. Even Wednesday's normally scheduled Lamp Love Link did not appear. Here's the lowdown:

1. Zap (or how to avoid same).

Remember my bedroom, the one that's still considered a construction zone? We took it from this:

To this:

But I was worried about the electrical wiring in the room. Also, because we'd sheathed the walls in a fresh layer of drywall, 3/8 inch, the sockets were recessed into the wall too far to fit correctly and solidly into their faceplates. The center screw wouldn't reach. Also, I had no functioning closet light.

As I type this update, an electrician is upstairs getting the sockets rewired with some GFCI protection and getting them mounted securely in their boxes. He's installing a light in the closet.

I can't tell you how woo-dee-hoo I feel about this. It means I'll be able to do finish paint, trim, and moving in. So this decidedly unglamorous blog post now about electrical wiring will result in far more interesting ones later. Woo-dee-hoo!

2. Slap

I'm still slapping paint on the walls in the kitchen. I had a set-back due to my own experimentation with this product:

While it was a set-back in terms of time (so what else is new?), it gave me the chance to compare this brand with painting freehand, and decide which is better. I didn't use the blue tape as well, though I intend to share with you my past experiences with it. (I'm crazy enough to do something twice, but not crazy enough to do it three times, even for the sake of comparison).

3. Unwrap:

We've had packages arriving On the Doorstep this week, one for the 1970s kitchen and one for the basement den, which is so far into the future it seems like a daydream. The other one is for sweet little ol' me. We'll share the kitchen one in the final reveals, and we'll share the contents of the other two packages next week.

Progress isn't always pretty, and not always press-worthy (i.e., a blog post). Next week it should be a lot more of both.


  1. Glad the electrician was able to help out! Looking forward to seeing what's next! :)

  2. Oooohhhhh, can't wait to see all of the unveiling's! :) Your bedroom looks great with all of that fresh drywall! Go you! And, I can't wait to hear the full report on the Frog Tape!