Monday, September 17, 2012

New Collection: The Bead Goes On

I collect things--- chickens (ceramic far), lamps, things I feel sorry for, books, my children's artwork, aqua green mid-century ceramic vases, vintage ephemera, tablecloths, magazines with neat ideas, dust bunnies (under the sofa).

While none of those things are threatening to take over the household (so far) in any hoarding tendency sort of way, and none of them have cost me my financial fortune, I still sometimes worry. How many collections are too many? Even discounting the dust bunnies, when is too much too much?

Because I just realized I've got another collection. Old bead necklaces. I say "old" because in some cases "vintage" sounds a bit pretentious. Especially if you've fished it out of a box of junk at some estate or farm sale.

I'm not a super girly-girl, but I do like to feel feminine. I'm not really a fashion rebel either, but I like to assert my creativity and love of old things, my personal stamp, on the day-to-day office casual my career demands.

I found myself popping bead necklaces on with cardigans, with blouses, with jackets, to do just that. I liked the look so much I kept going. The coral pink one above is the most recent acquisition, the first one I bought because I loved the item, without necessarily having something to wear it with. This is the sure symptom of a collector. I like them much better than dust bunnies, and unlike the chickens, they are useful.

These red beads are Bohemian glass, and look fantastic with black sunglasses. I only wish I could pull off red lipstick too, but alas I am not a lipstick girl.

I especially like the contrast of the glossy beads against the chunky textures of sweaters.

This one reminds me of marbles, and I love the harvest colors. This strand is so super shiny and attractive that my inner two-year-old wants to put them in her mouth. They are that tasty looking.

The best thing about bead necklaces is that they're relatively cheap as vintage jewelry goes. While celluloid and rhinestone pieces are getting to be a pretty spendy habit, most bead necklaces can be had for dollars. They are definitely cheaper than new jewelry of the same quality.

This one came to me in a pretty grimy state, but it's cleaned up pretty well, and I enjoy the pastel glam. Classic like a sweater set!

Right now I'm thinking a strand of black beads would be nice, but I'm not out actively hunting for it in the wild. It'll come to me when I'm having good thrifting luck. Besides, I've got to keep myself under some sort of self-control, because I have to make sure there's still room for chickens, lamps, and my kid's art masterpieces. I am willing, however, to sacrifice the dust bunnies for the sake of my budding (or is that beading?) necklace collection. Priorities,  you know.

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