Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Mid-century Art: Great Things on Etsy

Mid-century design enthusiasts are constant and savvy second-hand and vintage shoppers. But it doesn't always have to be a scavenger hunt.

Don't get me wrong. For people who love the design styles of past decades, the thrill of the hunt is part of the passion. But Etsy artists are turning out a lot of new and amazing stuff that would go seamlessly in Mid-century modern homes.

Here are my top picks from a recent Etsy "window-shopping" foray. The links to the items are in the captions.

This clock from CoMod Classics is amazing. I thought the clock was constructed of wood with metal "rays" like the vintage starburst clocks. On closer inspection, it's entirely laser-cut wood. It's a sharp, smart-looking update to the design, and the rays on this clock are reminiscent of the hairpin legs on tables from the time period. Double design win.

Mid-century inspired clock by CoMod Classics, Etsy.

I might just flat out get this Mid-mod monkey, from gutentagfibers. Not that I'm a monkey fan (other than the ones I gave birth to) that much. But the little guy is a cheeky take on Mid-century modern sculptor Henry Moore's abstract reclining nudes, and I love the little inside joke there. 

Mid-century Modern Monkey, by gutentagfibers, Etsy.

Is it just me, or does the print below, from Pool Pony Design, remind one of the Partridge Family logo? (can I have a show of hands for David Cassidy fans?) C'mon get happy even if it doesn't, because the Etsy site has lots of great prints of owls, cats, abstract designs, and even Catherine Holm bowls in lots of Mid-century appropriate colorways. 
Short Stack, Mid-century design art print, by Pool Pony Design, Etsy.

I'm also seriously considering where I might be able to work in one or two of these kidney shaped tables from Lunar Lounge Design. I think they have the most impact in groupings of two at least. The Esty seller makes other high-end pieces that are worth a look. 

Kidney Bean Coffee Table by Lunar Lounge Design

Do you own any new, but definitely Mid-century in spirit items? 

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