Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tick, Tock, Kitchen Clock

So, with my kitchen painting project at a standstill while the regular (read: insane) life of a single working mom continues, I've been contemplating decorative items like kitchen wall clocks.

I sort of like this homey, floral number that would fit in well with the 1960-70s era feel of my kitchen:

                                          Source: via Laura on Pinterest

In a rare mood I like this one, which would tie in with some gold framed accents I will end up with elsewhere in the dining area. Other times, this seems too foofy to me, especially for a kitchen. Probably won't happen.

                                          Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I also sort of like this metallic number:

                                          Source: via Laura on Pinterest

This is also 1970s era, but instead of Americana, it's German. I've been seeing a lot of these earthy European ceramic clocks for sale on Etsy lately, and I'm both intrigued and attracted to them. This or something like it is a strong contender:

                          Source: via Laura on Pinterest

As you can tell, I'm all over the place with materials and design, which means I haven't come close to deciding what I really want. I have plenty of time to decide while I slowly get the paint project done.

(And can I get this off my chest as just a side comment? Is it like a rule written down somewhere that all photos on Ebay have to be crappy? It drives me bonkers. Fuzzy, over-exposed, too dark, you name it. It's like Ebay sellers are TRYING to take the worst photos possible of their stuff. I realized it's the reason that I prefer searching Etsy for my vintage stuff. Sellers on that site seem to be able to present their items more attractively. Okay? Rant over.)



  1. I think clocks might be my next addiction--which will be much more practical than chairs, which I've had to go cold turkey on. Love the first one, want it for myself. Like all of them, really, just in different ways. I've been scouting thrift stores for clocks since the summer, but never find anything. The only cool old ones I've found have cords and plug in, which I don't really want.

    Totally hear your rant, though I tend to feel this way more on craigslist than ebay. It's like maybe they don't really want to sell it...

    1. I sympathize with the chair addiction. I'm under a self-imposed moratorium on acquiring any more chairs until I rehab or find other homes for the ones I have. And you can have dibs on the first one if you like. I like it, but I don't think it "fits" with several other elements I have going on.

      As for Craigslist, I think it varies depending on the area of the country. And around here, I'm too creeped out by it. I also don't see much on there other than trashed appliances and stuff that probably should go to the dump. Very discouraging.