Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving: For the Here and Now

The photo above is one I shot at a local orchard last year, and it's exactly how I picture the ideal Thanksgiving-- lots of color, comfy clothes (check out the overalls on the scarecrow!) and a down home setting.

That photo is about the only look back you'll get from me in this post. Not that I don't think you should reflect on the past and the things it taught you, or even that you shouldn't celebrate the good things from years gone by. After all, this blog is all about that.

But on Thanksgiving Day, my favorite holiday, I like to keep myself firmly rooted in the present. Why? Because I like to think of the life that surrounds me right now, and the goodness in it. I admit I like to dwell too much on the past, both the good and bad, and often fret too much about the future.

Now? Right now?

I have four boys whom it is an honor to parent. They are each vast universes to themselves-- funny, smart, quirky souls that I love with all my heart.

I have Mr. Man, whose rich masculine laugh I love to hear. He holds my hand, and we talk and talk.

I have family and friends who support the dream and forgive the crazy, even when there's a bit too much of the latter. I include my blog readers in this group. It's been fun to meet all of you here!

I have a career that's finally beginning to look up. Having a job I love is an immense blessing.

I have a house that is slowly beginning to reveal its character to me-- in whispers of the past, old photos, an occasional sigh through a half-closed doorway, and yes, even in her temperamental plumbing. Not everyone gets to have a relationship with the place they live. I feel lucky that way.

Today I don't have company, so I'll revel in a quiet four-day weekend. I'll be concentrating on the dinner rolls and the stuffing, the only two reasons I show up for this meal (clearly I'm only in it for the carbohydrates). I will put a socially unacceptable amount of whipped cream on my slice of pumpkin pie. I'll put my feet up and watch Detroit lose (because being a Lions fan keeps you humble).  I'll have that extra glass of wine. I'll have a nap, too.

Whatever your plans this today, have a blessed one.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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  1. Hi Laura--Catching up with you this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day. Mine will be much like yours--there's a nap on my agenda, too. No kiddos here, so it will be a quiet day. That's OK, though: tomorrow will be raucous. We're hoping in a good way. :-) Thankful to have found your blog this year.