Monday, November 12, 2012

Vintage: Old Books

Most of the time when we're talking old stuff on this blog, we're talking "old stuff," not antique stuff. This century. If you're of a certain age, "old stuff" that is as old or a little older than you, things in living memory.

Not 1892.

But this was a gift from my mom, and I just had to share it because a) it's cool, and b) the title had me right at first sight.

"Practical Lessons in the Use of English" is more of a grade school literacy textbook than a grammar, but I love the title, and think it's something more people today could use. Of course, now that I've said that, heaven help me if I split an infinitive or misspell a word in this post.

1892? Do you ever wonder how so small and defenseless an object as a child's school book makes it to be....120 years old? That blows my mind. And yet here it is, sitting in my hands.

It has lovely typography:

And evidence that one of its past owners was naughty with crayons:

And the price? 22 cents.

Old books and ephemera were my first foray into antique and vintage goods, and I have a warm place in my heart for things like this, no matter the decade. This will be joining my small collection on the shelf in the living room.


  1. It has such a pretty cover. I wish they still taught cursive handwriting like that.

  2. I have some old textbooks similar to that, and I treasure them, too!

  3. What a cool find. Being a teacher, I've got a big soft spot for old school books. And that cover is gorgeous!