Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vintage Purse: Happy Birthday to Me!

I can't really whoop it up about the month of October anymore. Because, well, it's November. Zap. There went another one. Another month that is. They seem to fly by quickly these days.

So, forgive me if I'm not ready to move on to pumpkin pie and Christmas shopping just yet. I'm going to reminisce about our recently departed October just a little bit.

One of the things I like quite selfishly about October is that it's my birthday month. It's not the first time I've done this, but I bought myself a birthday gift. I hope none of you out there think that's sad. It certainly isn't because I've been neglected. Mr. Man presented me with a lovely gold chain and turquoise bead necklace, and other family members and friends remembered my day. I felt just as special as I did the day I turned six years old, when I wore a paper crown of my own creation.

Since I can't really wear paper crowns anymore (or at least not any where local mental health care providers might take notice), sometimes I like to get myself a little something that I know no one else will get me. Something I just plain covet.

This time it was a vintage tapestry handbag. It surprised me I went for this one, since I am not usually too much of a girlie-girl, and this strikes me as VERY girlie. I could not resist the colors and textures:

There was also this quirky looking clasp:

And the interior, which is so clean it looks like its never been used:

I'm not always practical about my handbags. I could use the basic black bag, and I'm dearly in need of an everyday brown leather something. So what do I go for? Tapestry roses and pink linen linings. I'm not sorry one bit, though. I have a brown wool coat it will look great with, and green sweater too.

Do you spend birthday money on indulgences or practical items? Do you buy yourself a gift?

I have blog posts coming up about my Arkansas trip, one last Junk Jamboree item, an end-of-year garden round up, and a new blog feature, all coming soon. Thanks for hanging in during this slow spell. Starting two jobs in four months was quite the perfect storm on this household. Now, onward into November!

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  1. Indulgences! Always!

    And buying a birthday present for myself is something I started after divorcing (but still do even though there's an SO in the picture now). I highly recommend it for all moms. Heck, all people. It's good to treat ourselves once a year, just because.

    And October is my favorite month. Beautiful leaves, change of season, and no real holidays to deal with. Always a bit sad to turn the calendar to November.