Friday, December 21, 2012

Best Christmas Tree Ever

You may have heard that Midwesterners picked up a bit of snow on Wednesday and Thursday. It's true:

The official for our area was 12 inches. Pretty spectacular after a bone dry summer and a warmer than usual fall. I spent Thursday digging out at home. While I shoveled (and shoveled, and shoveled) I wondered if this was as bad as the snow storm back in the day: 

The day being New Year's Day, 1942. I'd say the forties still have us beat. While we got crazy amounts of snow this week, that photo above still looks worse. 

The old saw about what doesn't kill you makes you stronger certainly applies to winter in my home state. I can't romanticize much about having sore butt and bicep muscles from shoveling, and anyone who grows up in snow country thinks "plow ridge" are the two most depressing words in the English language (my neighbor helped with mine, bless him). But there are side benefits. Mother Nature left behind the best Christmas tree ever in my front yard. 

Hope your coming days are all unexpected, special, and blessings in spite of the storms of life, just like my tree. 


  1. I would love a little snow right now. 12 inches, maybe not so much. But a little. Your house looks lovely with frosting.

  2. Gosh that's pretty! And what a huge amount of work.