Monday, June 10, 2013

Housiversary 2/74

It's been two years since I signed on the dotted line. The house and I are both still standing (so far). The house itself is 74 years old this year. She's aging well, and I hope better after I've put in a few years taking good care of her.

It doesn't seem like two years. I've noticed that with most worthwhile things, like raising babies and writing good stories and making a damn fine pie, time turns in on itself. It seems like a long time, and yet no time at all.

This house and these two years have seemed like that. I have always been here. That is the rightness of knowing this is home. I have only been here a few weeks. That is how the calendar days pass when life is handing you blessings and challenges, one right after another.

That's a kind of yin and yang you can miss if you don't stop to recognize it.

I do.


  1. We are almost 2 years into our home (this August), and I know just what you mean. It feels like we've lived here forever, and that we've just moved in. Both at the same time. And it is home. The best home I've had, ever. Aren't we fortunate?

    1. Yes we are! I feel like I have a personal relationship with a house. And instead of feeling materialistic, it finally seems like where I live is a member of the family.