Friday, June 7, 2013

Projects: Weather or Not

We've been having plenty of weekend forecasts that look just like this:

Every. Freaking. Week.

It's getting me down, and I have nightmares of my house painting project turning into a kind of fiasco. I worry this wet, wet weather will never become a dry, clear summer.

However, the scraping has started.

I'm relieved to report that the paint that the previous owners used was the A-100 label of Sherwin Williams. I found the old cans in the garage. Even though the house is long overdue for repainting, it's a good, good, GOOD thing that the last layer of paint was a good-quality one. Also, there are only two layers of paint on the siding. It means the paint that's not peeling is still adhering well, and that we don't need to go down to bare wood every square inch. I can't tell you how much better I feel about the job. I hope this isn't over-confidence on my part.

Still, I can't work on it when it's raining. Even scraping paint is a bad idea when the siding is wet.

So, my mantra this summer will be sunshine: painting; raining: bathroom. Lather rinse repeat. I figure no matter what the weather does I'll manage to get one of them done by this end of the summer. Right? Who's with me? (Seriously, I do need a cheer squad right about now).

Here's where I am on my bathroom list:

10 Mini Projects for the Bathroom

1. Upgrade the cabinet hardware.
2. Grout the floor.
3. Paint
4. Replace the light fixture
5. Replace the mirror
6. Replace the toilet paper holder.
7. Replace the shower curtain rod.
8. Add art and decorative items.
9. Replace counter top.
10. Replace sink and faucet

I also grouted the nasty tub, which was this month's "Do I Have To?" project. My next steps in order are to:

1.  paint the ceiling
2.  replace the shower curtain rod (this step is second so I don't drip ceiling paint on a new fixture
3.  paint walls.

New paint color for the bathroom?

An Eddie Bauer Home Valspar color called Weathered Glass:

Image Source: My Perfect Color 
It's a light turquoise that looks so clean and refreshing compared to that muddy mauve, I can hardly wait to get started.

But with the weather forecast looking like it does, it's likely I'll be painting indoors instead of scraping outdoors. At least I've got a plan, and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Oh, man. Our summer last year was exterior paint and inside bathroom. It was a long, hard season. It's hard with the painting. For us, it needed to get done. (Not a cosmetic only fix.) And it had to get done during summer. We felt more pressure than we usually do. Made it all not fun. I hope you're able to pace yourself and give yourself breaks.

    1. I remember your posts from last summer. You guys were not in a happy place. I'm hoping I'm able to strike balance for the things I can control, but it's all up to Mother Nature. That's the part that has me worried!