Monday, July 22, 2013

Aren't You Glad?

Sorry for the pun post title. Actually, no. I'm not sorry at all. Look at this baby:

These are the pink gladiolus from the bulbs that my sister Dyan sent me in the mail. I've never grown them before and I didn't have much time to mess with them, so I chucked them into the ground in an empty patch near the front deck and hoped for the best. I'm so happy with the results. They're gorgeous in this frilly, grandma's garden sort of way.

There are some of people who call them "funeral flowers." I suppose they do get used that way quite often. But I don't think the association is entirely fair. Taken out of that context and put back into the cottage garden (the very thing I'm trying to cultivate around my house), I think they are brilliant and anything but funereal. Tall, sword-like foliage and ruffly bright flowers. Who doesn't like that? Grumpy people, that's who.

In my gardening zone, these are not winter hardy, so I'll have to dig up the bulbs (corms? I've heard them referred to both ways) this fall. I think they're gorgeous enough to be worth the trouble.

As a bonus, here's another pink flower in my garden that's really looking gorgeous right now:

It's a mandevilla vine, and the only reason it didn't get to lead the blog post is, well, there are no good puns to be made with the word mandevilla. Go ahead, you try it. See? Nothing.

Did you experiment with any new plant in your garden this year? How's it going?

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