Monday, July 1, 2013

Looking for Something?

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Looking for something? Like a "Do I Have To?" post? 

Apparently in July I Don't Have To. Or let's just say July's regularly scheduled post is "I Forgot To." I even had a small project picked out, and was going to spend a weekend afternoon doing it and shooting photos for the blog post. 

Somewhere between painting my bathroom, scraping siding, and getting ready for my sister to come visit for two weeks, it kept not happening until it dropped from the running priority list I keep in my brain. Yeah, don't look in there. It's full of dryer lint and desperation.

See? I had good intentions. But we all know what the way to hell is paved in. 

I have family visiting, and a long chunk of time off from work, and some pineapple vodka in my fridge. I think that means to expect erratic (and erratically written) posts from me in the near future. 

Do I have to? Well, no. But I want to. And I'll be back next month with another "Do I Have To?" post, and much, much sooner with something else. Next time I won't forget. No, really. I won't. 

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