Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Good Dirt

Rough brown pod, seeds like punctuation, silky strands. I found this laying on the soil while digging this weekend. It's a milkweed pod, of asclepias tuberosa, and I've had a few of these plants arrive in my garden this year, uninvited but welcome guests to the garden party. I hope this plain and lovely thing (I think things can be both plain and lovely, at the same time) means more flowers to come. The bright orange flowers are butterfly and hummingbird friendly, something all the best gardens should be.

The bulbs are all in the ground now, taking a long dirt nap until spring. The digging and raking, the weighing in the hands of each small promise to the future before placing them-- it was a welcome break from the summer-long paint project.

This weekend I got the face frames of the two windows getting new storm windows scraped and painted. I took no pictures, because I'm bored of paint photos. Aren't you?

It will be a mad rush to the end of the warm days, but I'm already looking forward to other things--inside projects, baking, sofa, blanket, and coffee.

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